How to book your trip

First, check the availability on our prices page to make sure we have space for the dates you're planning. Then drop us an email to giving us the dates you'd like to come, the number of people in your party and if there's any particular combination of rooms you're interested in. As soon as we receive your email, we'll automatically put a hold on those dates/rooms for you if they're available and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability and to provide payment details. We aim to reply to all new enquiries within 24hrs - usually quicker. If you haven't heard from us within 48hrs, we may not have received your email for some reason. Try calling us on the number below. In any case, we'll hold the rooms for you for a few days so that you can make sure you can get your transport to resort sorted out and make sure everyone in your group is definite.

Once everything is confirmed, we'll ask you for a deposit of 25% of the cost of the trip (if it's more than 8 weeks away). This can be paid by bank transfer to our UK account. Eight weeks before your arrival date, we'll ask for the remaining cost of the trip to be paid. Make sure you check, and are happy with, our Terms & Conditions.

Please contact us before arranging airport transfers as we can often help out with these, either by arranging transport or by picking you up ourselves.

Finally, don't forget your insurance, passport and wallet!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch either by email to or by phone on +33 6 73 23 91 85.

A note on exchange rates: As we are a French company, we now price most of our holidays in Euros. For your convenience, we maintain a UK sterling account to allow easy payment in sterling. When we invoice you for your holiday deposit or balance payment, we will quote a sterling equivalent amount. The exchange rate we use will be based on a combination of the currently advertised mid-market rate (as shown on sites such as and on the commercial rates currently available from our currency exchange provider. The mid-market rate is an average of the "buy" and "sell" rates currently being offered in global currency markets. As such, it is not possible for anyone, including governments and large financial institutions, to actually exchange currency at this rate. As we are transferring relatively large sums, we are generally able to get close to this rate, but will never quite be able to offer it. Our general policy is to offer an exchange rate around 0.015€ below the mid-market rate, although we may not always be able to react as quickly as we would like to sudden changes in the market. This rate is much better than the tourist rate offered by high-street currency exchangers and is equivalent to or better than that offered by most banks, especially once commission is taken into account. We will always try to offer the best rate we can, but clients are free to pay us directly in euros if they feel they are able to obtain a better rate elsewhere.

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