Tignes Trails

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Mountain biking at Tignes is unsophisticated. But great. Two (free!) chairlifts (actually one chair & one gondola) access the top of the valley on opposite sides of the resort of Tignes Le Lac. From both sides, purpose-built DH trails send you rattling back down. On the Palafour chair side, there are two trails, graded green and blue. The Green is a very easy introduction to DH style riding, although the unbermed corners do make it pretty slow. The blue trail, called Jump Around, is great. A fast, undemanding DH trail with plenty of jumps, hips and doubles, some natural sections and even some slalom gates thrown in plus a few optional ladder drops and small shore sections for good measure. Over on the Aeroski gondola side, there are four DH trails, two blues, one red and one black. The two blues (Gunpowder and Funky Tufs) head down to Val Claret. Both are fun trails with some big berms, fun jumps and drops and one steeper section. The red trail (Gypsy) is ferociously steep in places and includes a freeride area with a big wall ride, ladder drops and a massive step-up. Diving off the red trail part-way down, the black (Black Metal) is very, very steep indeed. Total commitment required and only faith in the monster berms will get you to the bottom intact.

As well as the DH trails, Tignes also has some good (and under-rated) singletrack riding on waymarked trails (shared with walkers) and the possibility of some backcountry riding leading back down the valley. Another trail leads all the way down from the summer ski area way up on the glacier. There is also a jump bike/skate park and the infamous lake jump. There are facilities for almost any sport you could care to name at Tignes, making it a good place to hang out on our day off.

The bike trails at Tignes are only around 20mins drive from the chalet.

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Ladder drop in Tignes

Wallride in the Tignes bike park

Tignes singletrack