How to get here

By plane

The easiest airport to fly to in the summer is Geneva, about a 2.5hr transfer away.

We run our own weekly transfers from Geneva airport. We're pretty flexible with transfer times, generally leaving the airport or the chalet whenever it suits the earliest/latest flight in the group but it's always possible that you will have to wait for other riders arriving on a later flight. This could potentially be a long wait if you book that cheap 7am flight!

In general, we aim to leave the airport no later than 1700 local time every Saturday with our return transfer leaving the chalet at around 0800, arriving at Geneva airport shortly before 1100. For this reason, we recommend choosing flights with an early to mid-afternoon arrival and departure time if possible. As always, if you have awkward journey times, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help you out.

If you want to guarantee an immediate departure as soon as your flight arrivals for the smoothest possible arrival at the chalet, we may be able to arrange a private transfer for a small additional cost.

By car

To drive takes around 10hrs from Calais and it's a pretty easy cruise on the motorway most of the way down. Our suggested route is to take the motorway all the way to Bourg en Bresse, then travel via Annecy to Albertville. Motorway tolls will cost somewhere around 50€ each way.

You can also stay on the motorway all the way to Lyon then go via Chambery to Albertville. This is significantly longer, but is on faster roads so time difference isn't much, however you will pay an extra 20€ in motorway tolls each way.

Directions from Calais.

By Train

The alternative way of getting here is by train. If you live in or near London, this can be a great way to get to the Tarentaise valley. For example, you could get on the Eurostar on a Friday evening, change to a sleeper train in Paris and arrive in Bourg St Maurice at 7:30 on Saturday morning. This way, you get an extra day's riding in. Repeat the process on the way back and all of a sudden you've changed a weeks trip from 6 days riding when travelling by plane to 8 days riding when taking the train! Pricing this up for a weekend in June costs around £190 return (£99 for the Eurostar and €112 for the trains between Paris and Bourg Saint Maurice), almost certainly cheaper than a flight + bike bag charges + airport transfers/parking.

NOTE: Since we checked things out for the website, flight prices have generally come down while train prices have crept up, so it's harder to justify the train on price alone. Still gives you a chance at an extra 2 days riding though! It's also come to our attention that taking bike bags on the Eurostar may be a problem.

High altitude singletrack in the Tarentaise

Buff alpine meadow singletrack in the Tarentaise

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