Spares & repairs
Mountain Masterclasses
Other activities
Bike hire
Knee/elbow pad hire

Spares & Repairs

Stevo is an experienced bike technician. The chalet contains a garage workshop equipped with tools and bike stands. If you like to service your own gear, the workshop facilities are there for you to use any time you like. If you need help, just ask anytime and we'll do our best to get you back on the trail. Note that while we'll always help you out to the best of our ability, we're not trained or qualified bike mechanics and can't accept any responsibility for any repairs.

We also have a small supply of spares for sale including new cables, rear mechs, tyres & tubes and a (somewhat battered) set of emergency loaner wheels. We strongly recommend, however, that you bring any spares with you that you're likely to need on the trip including AT LEAST one spare set of brake pads. It's not always easy to find the pads you need out here and you don't want to end up missing out on time on the bike because you've burned out your only set of pads. On top of all this, prices for parts can be astronomical out here - much better to bring what you need with you.

Mountain Masterclasses

As we now hold the highly-respected International Mountain Leader award, we'll be offering (usually on a Wednesday, the "day off" from riding) the chance to take part in Mountain Masterclasses including core skills such as Navigation (on foot and on the bike), Nature, Avalanche Safety (for the skiers & snowboarders among you!) and Bushcraft. Contact us for more info. If you're interested in taking your Scottish Mountain Bike Leader (or other bike guiding) exams, our bike navigation sessions are great preparation and we can also advise on and help you prepare for other aspects of the course. Equally, we can provide pre-course training and advice if you're interested in mountain qualifications such as the Mountain Leader.

Other Activities

If you want to take a day off from riding your bike, there are plenty of other activities happening around the valley. We can arrange rock climbing days, parapenting, walking or just point you in the direction of a good place to soak up some sun and beer while you rest your aching legs. As an International Mountain Leader, Stevo can also take you out for a big walking day in the mountains. There are many great high-mountain walks in the area, including the ascent of the Aiguille de la Grande Sassiere. At 3,747m, it's the third-highest mountain in Savoie and the highest which can be reached without requiring serious climbing or glacier travel. The walk is a cracker, going from high alpine meadows, through rocky scrambles onto a high ridge-line bordered by a glacier, then a final steep climb up to the summit.

Bike Hire

For 2015, we're once again working with Sport 2000 in La Rosiere for bike rental. They provide top-end Scott Bikes - either the Genius LT, which is ideal for any of our holidays or the Voltage, a more descent-orientated bike best-suited to our lift-accessed Classic Singletrack weeks.

Knee/Elbow pad hire

We have a small stock of 661 knee/shin and elbow/forearm guards available to rent. The knee pads are the race-lite model and the elbow pads are the comp model. Price is 12€ for leg armour for the week, 10€ for arm armour or 20€ for both. We also have some of the same pads available for sale (if you hire pads for the week and you like them, we'll give you the rental cost back if you decide to buy your own set).