The White Room Team - Summer 2017

There will be at least six of us in The White Room team for summer 2017 - Four full-time guides and two support staff. Meet the team:

Mountain Bike Guiding Team

We're as passionate about guiding as we are about riding our bikes. We believe that top-quality guiding is the most important factor in making sure that you get the most out of your mountain bike holiday. Most of our guides have been living, riding and guiding in the Tarentaise for years. Between us, we know hundreds of trails spread across the whole valley. We live here all year-round and we like nothing better in the Spring & Autumn than getting out and riding new trails to show you in the Summer! All our guides are fully-qualified to work in France and hold either a French "Carte Professionel" or official French "Trainee" status - your guarantee that we're properly qualified, insured and registered in France as outdoor professionels.

Steven McDonald

Iona McDonald

Steven McDonald - Bike Guide, The White Room
Iona McDonald - Bike Guide, The White Room
Co-founder of The White Room, Stevo moved to the Tarentaise in 2007. After narrowly surviving the step-up from weekend warrior to full-time bike guide, he became utterly obsessed with riding every possible trail in the valley. Now old enough to have lost any pretensions at having an ego, he's up for riding anything, with anyone. Never happier than when following some hopelessly optimistic faint hint of a trail as it disappears into the mountainside. The other half of the White Room founding team, Iona grafted her way to becoming one of a tiny handful of British female bike guides to hold full French guide status. Endowed with far more patience than any of the rest of us, she's also a far, far better rider than she takes credit for. Usually to be found delivering endless encouragement to get people down trails they didn't think they could ride.

Years in the Tarentaise: 9
Rides: Orange Alpine 160, Cotic BFe
Favourite Lift-Accessed trail: Table de Diable
Favourite Backcountry trail: High Voltage
Signature Move: Frontside cake-munch

Scottish Mountain Bike Leader
International Mountain Leader
BASI 4 Snowboard Instructor (not relevant, but he's very proud of it - Iona!)
Carte Pro since 2010

Years in the Tarentaise: 9
Rides: Orange Alpine 160, NukeProof Scout
Favourite Lift-Accessed trail: The Anthill Mob
Favourite Backcountry trail: Helter Skelter
Signature Move: 3-week-long trackstand

Scottish Mountain Bike Leader
International Mountain Leader
Carte Pro since 2011

Pat Bidwell

Alex Balfour

Pat Bidwell - Bike Guide, The White Room
Pat virtually grew up in the Tarentaise and speaks rougher French than a Savoyard farmer. Having called the valley home for over 15 years, he knows every nook and cranny and, apparently, everyone, everywhere he goes. Known for his quiet, introspective personality and softly-spoken tones, entertainment is guaranteed. Alex was one of the quickest riders we've ever had come to stay with us. The loud half of our in-house guiding bromance, Alex is a tweed-valley local and has a shady history in SDS Downhill racing and EWS Enduro racing. Keep him in sight long enough and you may well learn a few things - or just ask, but beware The Look.

Years in the Tarentaise: 16
Rides: Orange Alpine 160, Orange Crush
Favourite Lift-Accessed trail: Spiderpig
Favourite Backcountry trail: Spiderpig!
Signature Move: Carnage


Moniteur National du Ski (very important if it snows)
Carte Pro since 2015

Years in the Tarentaise: 4
Rides: Orange Alpine 160, NukeProof Mega TR
Favourite Lift-Accessed trail: DaVinci Code
Favourite Backcountry trail: Meribel Ridge
Signature Move: No-hands wheelie (seriously)

Scottish Mountain Bike Leader
International Mountain Leader
Carte Pro since 2017


Chalet Team

For summer 2017, legendary chalet crew Matt & Crona are back on board! Many will remember Matt's epic kitchen skills. Since he last worked for us, he's been off working at the top of the restaurant game for another couple of years and things have only got even better!