Video - Mountain Bike Holidays in Sainte Foy, Les Arcs, Tignes, French Alps

Mountain Biking Videos

Some videos from the trails below. I have hours of footage to sort out, will try to get round to making some more - check back soon!

Do it Like This, Do it Like That
Shot by White Room guest and classy film-maker Calum Darling, this film features singletrack riding at Sainte Foy, a full run of the DH track at Les Arcs and steep singletrack trails at La Thuile. Featured riders are Edinburgh ripper Alex Balfour riding Sainte Foy, Alex plus our French guide Yvan in Les Arcs and finally Stevo & Alex over in La Thuile. Calum broke his collar-bone on the second day of the trip, so all of the Sainte Foy footage is located within a couple of hundred metres of the chalet - this being as far as he was (understandably!) prepared to drag his camera kit with a freshly-wrecked shoulder.


Sainte Foy Singletrack - Some Funky Bits
Apologies for the terrible title, open to suggestions for anything better! This is a quick compilation of some wee highlights of the trails over on the Marquise lift side of the mountain. Still a bit of a work in progress as I'd like to extend it with some footage from the trails down to Viclaire. Shows a nice mix of flowing stuff and little technical features, all rideable straight off the uplift at Sainte Foy - no pedalling required even during Backcountry weeks.

The Thin Red Line (Flash video format)
Stevo painstakingly solo-filmed the full length of this classic piece of Sainte Foy singletrack (finishing a few metres from the chalet door). The Thin Red Line is one of our favourite trails, a flowing piece of singletrack down through the woods above Sainte Foy which just goes on and on. As fast as you dare higher up, a little more technical after the first road crossing. Video lasts 8 minutes with Stevo riding it pretty damn quick and there's still another couple of sections to film, so you get an idea of how long the descent is!

Tignes Bike Park (Windows Media Player format, 4.8Mb)
Olly, Josh & Sam slay the bike park & DH trails in Tignes, August 2008.

Potts Run Helmet-cam (Windows Media Player format, 8.9Mb)
Helmet-cam footage of Jamie on Potts' Run. Pott's is a cracking singletrack trail which the locals use as a bit of an unofficial downhill track. Camera angle is annoyingly just a wee bit too low, so the follow-cam effect hasn't worked very well, but you get a good feel for the trail. And it makes it look like I'm going dead fast.