La Thuile

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La Thuile is building a reputation as a great place to ride bikes. They have gone about things in a very different way to many Alpine resorts, shaping and extending singletrack trails instead of building wide, dull DH tracks. There are two chairlifts, giving a vertical drop of around 1000m. A series of singletrack trails runs down more-or-less under the lifts, giving a choice of trails. Despite the steep terrain, the trails flow really well through steep, tight switchbacks. Another set of trails reaches out of the resort, towards the wilderness around the Ruitor glacier. These trails are also great to ride, less steep but still with challenging rocky/rooty sections and a more "out-there" feel.

The café at the bottom also sells possibly the best ice-cream in the world. One more reason to go there more often.

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Spectacular singletrack at La Thuile

Blasting out of the trees at La Thuile

Fast corners at La Thuile