About Us

The White Room: a perfect moment deep in a powder turn where the snow curls over you like a wave and you can see nothing but white. We're passionate snowboarders and mountain bikers and have been for many years. We've also both recently learned to ski, but there's no sign of it becoming a permanent conversion just yet! Stevo is now a BASI level 2 snowboard instructor (working hard towards his level 3!) and we're both Mountain Bike Leaders and International Mountain Leaders meaning we can lead groups in France on bikes or on foot, in summer or in winter.

After graduating in 2001, we did the 9-5 corporate thing for about 6 years, until we decided that there were more fun ways to make a living! We wanted to combine our passions for snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking (and cake-eating) with running our own business. The White Room is the result. We've now been in Sainte Foy for over 7 years and The White Room has grown and developed in that time. We're now running several properties, some specialist off-piste weeks and growing the summer business.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Happy trails!

Stevo & Iona @ The White Room

Steven & Iona McDonald

Stevo & Iona

Iona riding the trails in Sainte Foy

Stevo riding the trails in Sainte Foy